Dental Implant Cost

One of the main questions that a lot of patients have about dental implants is the cost. Dental implant cost can vary depending on a variety of factors. To get a specific quote, you should give Dr. John Lane a call for consultation. Just to give you an idea, here is a list of several factors that can affect dental implant cost:

The amount of implants needed – The most obvious factor that can affect your dental implant cost is the amount of implants that are needed. The more implants that are needed, the higher the dental implant cost will be. This is because Dr. Lane will have to spend more time evaluating your mouth and ensuring the implants are placed correctly.

Amount of bone loss – Your dental implant cost can increase if you have experienced bone loss in the area. This means that you will have to undergo bone grafting surgery to ensure that a sufficient amount of bone is present to hold the implants in place.

The type of procedure – There are several different types of dental implant procedures. The specific type of procedure you have will affect your dental implant cost. For example, implant supported dentures or All-on-4 implants will have a different cost than traditional implants.

If gum disease is present – If you are suffering from periodontal disease, the chance for success with your implants will improve greatly if you undergo gum disease treatment first. Any additional treatment will add to your dental implant cost. Dr. Lane offers laser gum disease treatment, so if you have gum disease you should call for a consultation.

If you require a sinus lift – In some cases, Dr. Lane will recommend that you undergo a sinus lift. This will cause your dental implant cost to increase.

If you need extractions – For teeth that are badly damaged but have not yet fallen out, extraction may be needed. The amount of teeth that are extracted will be added to your dental implant cost.

In addition to the above factors, your dental implant cost can change depending on where you live and the type of insurance you have. To get an exact quote, it is best to give your doctor a call for a consultation so that you can discuss any pertinent details.

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