Dental Implants 101

Almost anybody can be a candidate for dental implants, even patients with limited bone mass can receive supplemental bone grafting surgery.

Basics of a Dental Implant

Before you consider having dental implants you need to know what the benefits are. This involves having a basic understanding of how dental implants work as a missing teeth cure. Dental implants consist of three essential parts:

The implant – This is a small titanium post that is surgically implanted into your jaw. Once in place, the titanium will begin to fuse with your natural bone through a natural process known as “osseointegration”. After three to six months, the titanium implants become fully integrated with the bone mass, making dental implants the most natural and sturdy missing teeth cure.

The abutment – This is a small piece of metal or ceramic that is attached to the implant via a screw. When getting dental implants the abutment will be tightened to a predetermined toque, in order to avoid loosening over time.

The crown – Finally, the crown is attached to the abutment. This is a small piece of ceramic that closely resembles a natural tooth. This is how dental implants are the most natural appearing missing teeth cure.

By choosing to receive dental implants, a patient is getting a long-term solution for missing teeth. Because dental implants are implanted in the jaw, they are able to stimulate bone and tissue growth and reduce the risk of complications down the road. Additionally, the titanium composition of dental implants makes them resistant to decay. Because of these factors, dental implants are often viewed as a long-term missing teeth cure. In fact, with proper maintenance and care, they can last an entire lifetime.

Almost anybody can be a candidate for dental implants. Even patients with limited bone mass can receive supplemental bone grafting surgery. It is important to replace missing teeth as soon as possible. Without the presence of natural teeth or dental implants, patients will experience erosion of the bone and soft tissue, which can reduce a patient’s quality of life.

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